How Organizations Can Create a Culture That Supports
Mental Health and Well-Being in the Workplace 

Businesses have an important role to play in influencing their employees’ mental health, and company culture can have a significant effect on promoting healthy habits by valuing mental health and providing support without stigma. 

Leaders supporting their people is the foundation of creating an environment that reduces stigma and encourages employee well-being. While the voice of senior management is essential in building this culture, communication regarding mental health and well-being has to take place throughout the organization to be effective.

Learn how to create a culture that supports mental health and well-being in this white paper that will discuss:

  • How employees are affected by organizations that do not support mental health and well-being
  • How organizations and leaders can overcome social stigma and strengthen trust with employees
  • Five ways to remove the stigma
  • How organizations and leaders can integrate mental health and well-being in their cultures and teams
  • How an improvement in mental health and well-being can be measured in the workplace

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