On-Demand Video: Leading With Energy

Tools, Tactics, and Techniques to Optimize Your Time and Lead with Energy

Recharge, energize, and optimize your habits. Learn how to build out your managerial toolkit with this energy management workshop. Attendees will learn how to strengthen personal resilience and more effectively lead themselves, their teams, and their organization.

Elite athletes have long mastered the art of rest and recovery to match their training and competition workloads, while in the corporate world burnout and stress through overworking are still prevalent. Self-care and energy management are critical skills for the modern leader — for greater longevity, wellness, and higher performance.

In this practical online workshop, Professor Mike Christian will build out your managerial toolkit with new habits, techniques, and tactics to successfully craft, protect, and control your energy as a leader.  You will also learn:

  • How to gain greater awareness of your own work/life habits
  • How to structure your day with energy budgeting
  • How to help your team address these challenges
  • The importance of sleep

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