On-Demand Video: Inclusive Leadership

Implicit Bias, Decision Making, and How to Lead Inclusive Meetings

In the first session of our Becoming a Modern Leader Events Series, you will gain an understanding of implicit bias, improve decision-making, create and lead more inclusive and diverse teams, and learn how to better connect with those around us.

Organizations need leaders with a nuanced understanding of how our cultures influence our decision making and our ability to create more equitable, diverse, and inclusive organizations to excel in the “certain uncertainty” of the 21st century.

Grounded in research and leveraging interactive tools and discussion, Professor Elizabeth Dickinson will explore cultural identities, the fundamentals of bias, ways to improve decision-making, community building, and changing organizational habits.

This session offers practical ways to create more inclusive and diverse teams, lead meetings with diverse input, better connect with those around us, and help drive inclusivity.

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