On-Demand Video: Communication in Crisis

A Strategic Approach to Communicating During Disruption

Anticipating and preparing for crises is critical for any organization. Hence, developing enhanced communication skills and strategies for leaders will be central to any successful crisis preparedness and response to minimize reputational damage, and even enhance it.

The good reputations of brands, organizations, and personalities are hard-won, but easily lost or damaged. In today’s fast-moving, social-powered news cycles, controlling the narrative and communicating effectively in a crisis is key.

In this interactive, application-based workshop with UNC Professor Stephanie Mahin, you will learn concepts for communication strategies and tactics designed to help you craft your own organizational story, get out in front of a future crisis, and control the narrative. You will develop your abilities in effective crisis communications by focusing on the importance of authenticity, transparency, consistency, urgency, and empathy. These skills will prepare you and your team to meet future challenges head-on with skilled communication.

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