Faculty Insight Series | Certain Uncertainty



Six Disruptive Demographics That Will Change America Forever with Dr. Jim Johnson:  https://vimeo.com/377855864/82cd26b106







Leading, Managing, and Communicating in an Era of Certain Uncertainty: Read the White Paper







Does Your Firm Have Reputational Equity? Read the White Paper 

Recruiting and Hiring Diverse Teams: Read the Report
*Excerpt from the October Trends in Entrepreneurship Special Topic Update report. If you would like to view the full report or previous trends reports, please find access to them here.

Inclusive Leadership: Virtual Live Program with UNC’s Dr. Elizabeth Dickinson and Dr. Sreedhari Desai

Organizations are operating in increasingly global and diverse settings, combining employees, peers, managers, and customers with very different backgrounds and experiences. When this diversity isn’t harnessed effectively, significant harm can be done to workplace relationships and business performance. Inclusive Leadership equips you to navigate diverse settings to leverage differences as a catalyst for creative breakthroughs and organizational success. Learn more.

For more on the Individual – Relationship – Organization framework, see Gallegos (2014), "The Work of Inclusive Leadership: Fostering Authentic Relationships, Modeling Courage and Humility," in Diversity at Work: The Practice of Inclusion.