How Team Structure Can Build Resilience, Improve
Performance, & Help Prevent Bad Things Happening

Insights from UNC Professors Jessica Christian and Matt Pearsall  

There is a strong focus on personal resilience in executive development today, but less so on the particular challenges of building resilience in teams and leading resilient teams.

In developing personal resilience, we often think in terms of our ability to withstand a bad thing happening to us — “getting through a tough patch,” or working around a setback until it’s over.

Teams of people, however, possess qualities and characteristics that mean they do not have to experience a traditional personal resilience cycle — that of the setback occurring, the response, and the recovery.

Considering the unique characteristics of teams versus the individual, allows us to move away from the notion of resilience as an ability, or an attribute. Personal resilience skillsets are hugely important for individual leaders of course — but applying the exact same approach to team resilience, leaves certain opportunities to improve team performance untapped.

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