On-Demand Video: Fostering Innovation

Building a Culture of Creativity Within Boundaries

In the second session of our Becoming a Modern Leader Events Series, you will learn how to build a culture of creativity within boundaries. To stay ahead of customer needs, leaders must continually drive innovation of their products and services. But innovation is more than creative brainstorming – it requires structured frameworks to enable creativity within boundaries and implementation of better than average ideas.

From the world’s biggest brands – like Disney and Apple, to the world’s biggest bands like R.E.M. – new ideas are critical to market growth. New product ideas, new business model ideas, new market opportunities — the on-going quest for better than average ideas is fundamental to success.

One of the biggest challenges in modern leadership is building a culture of continuous innovation. It is difficult to bring discipline to the process of innovation to generate and implement new ideas. In this interactive session, UNC Professor Al Segars will share research-based insights from his upcoming book, “The Idea Chase”, on the seven key principles to foster innovation. You will discover key insights that can be applied within your role and organization.

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