The 3Cs of Delivering Effective Feedback

Insights from UNC Professor Elad N. Sherf

Delivering feedback effectively is a challenging task. Recommendations for how to do so range from “be specific,” “focus on the behavior, not the person,” “be candid,” or “approach it with empathy.” Although useful, such recommendations are often insufficient as a guide for managers on how to make a true learning opportunity out of complex encounters. The reason is that such recommendations focus on one aspect of the conversation (for instance, the “what” or “how”), neglecting to consider the deep relationships among employees’ understanding of the content, their goals, and their affective reactions.

Download this white paper and gain a deeper understanding of the 3Cs of feedback:

  • Clarity
  • Contextual meaning
  • Composure

This resource will also provide questions that every manager should review before entering a feedback conversation with employees.